Publishing point does not allow access in Azure

Oct 18, 2012 at 3:31 PM


I have been very pleased with this project and finally after learning a lot about IIS Media Servers and publishing points all was set for the actual event.

I deployed the server with the intended name to Azure but then I was hit by this problem also perceived by others in different threads.

When I click Start, the workstation will encode about 55 frames of video and then a dialog box pops up saying "A network error has occurred causing the encode to stop".

Even the publishing point of the previously working installation under the same Azure subscription stopped working in the same way.

There is nothing in the event log and IIS access log shows:

  • HTTP status 200 for POST /push.isml - 80 so this is OK
  • HTTP status 404 0 for GET /push.isml manifest 80
  • HTTP status 400 0 for GET /push.isml settings 80

I saw thread and have done the following without any luck (publishing point remains in Starting state and never goes to Started state):

  • deleted cloud service and storage account and redeployed the service with the same name
  • before and after deleted publishing point and created a new one with the same settings
  • manually tried to start the publishing point before starting encoding
  • in EE client started from scratch and not from an existing job

Is something corrupted in my subscription? Could it be related to the fact that we tested a huge (16 hours) live stream to the working installation?

I would appreciate any help if anybody knows this symptom how to solve it and avoid it.